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Got Data? We’ll put it in Salesforce™

Imagine if your users could just email a spreadsheet into Salesforce – and the data loads into Salesforce automatically.

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Data format DOESN”T MATTER.  If the data is spread out in a form, or if it’s nicely arranged in rows – we’ll load it!

If you’re loading one Salesforce object, or many objects at once – we’ll load it!

Cross-Object updates are not a problem!

Need FTP?  Spreadsheet muncher comes with complete FTP services – so you only need one tool to Transport and Load all your data.

. . .

Transport:  Send your files to Salesforce via email attachment or FTP.
Load: Give us a Form, or give us a List – We’ll load it all at once.  We don’t care if we put it into one object or multiple objects.
So…Give us your data!

We’re Hungry!

Bluescope steel slashes data entry time for opportunities from hours to seconds with Spreadsheet Muncher.

Overview BlueScope is a flat steel producer for the domestic Australian, New Zealand and US markets, and is a leading international supplier of steel products and solutions, principally focused on the global building and construction [...]

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