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Project Description


Consulting & Fundraising Company

Industry: Fundraising
Headquarters: Lawrence, KS
Employees: 51-200
IOLITE Solution(s): Checklist
– Large lists of donors
– Rich data from engagements and donation history
– Unable to identify propensities to donate

– IOLITE Checklist deployed
– Allowed reps to answer donor questions quickly
– Information was augmented with external data
– Predictive analytics built to determine donor’s propensity to donate
– Paper-based solution replaced by Checklist
– Reduction of errors
– Data entry time reduced
– Shorter cycle time
– Increased number of calls per rep


A fundraising company that serves Greek campus organizations, leveraging consultants to raise donations from alumni to support chapter and charity initiatives.


Our client sought to improve the end-to-end customer experience from the point of first contact through donation and event registration, with the ability to repeat the process annually.
Prior to IOLITE, the company was challenged with outdated and undocumented manual processes, and inconsistency in answers to donors. It became apparent that operational limitations were putting them at risk of unmet client commitments.
After speaking with IOLITE, they realized what they needed was a simple way to consistently perform each process. The answer was IOLITE Checklist.


Immediately after deploying Checklist the client saw results. In 4 months they recognized a 125% increase in revenue, a customer satisfaction increase of 20 points, and a reduction in client on-boarding time.
Understanding the customer experience and providing information at the point of execution is vital in creating that experience sets IOLITE Checklist apart from other platforms.