Got Data? We’ll put it in Salesforce™

Imagine if your users could just email a spreadsheet into Salesforce – and the data loads into Salesforce automatically.

Data format DOESN”T MATTER.  If the data is spread out in a form, or if it’s nicely arranged in rows – we’ll load it!

If you’re loading one Salesforce object, or many objects at once – we’ll load it!

Cross-Object updates are not a problem!

Need FTP?  Spreadsheet muncher comes with complete FTP services – so you only need one tool to Transport and Load all your data.

. . .

Transport:  Send your files to Salesforce via email attachment or FTP.
Load: Give us a Form, or give us a List – We’ll load it all at once.  We don’t care if we put it into one object or multiple objects.
So…Give us your data!

We’re Hungry!