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Project Description


Railroad Company

Industry: Transportation
Headquarters: Kansas City, MO
Employees: 5,001 – 10,000
CRM: Salesforce.com
IOLITE Solution(s): Checklist
Each rail yard maintains  hazardous materials that need to be inspected, monitored, and maintained according to regulatory standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They must provide the EPA with quarterly inspection reports to certify all facilities are operating within tolerance levels established by the EPA. At any point of failure a rail yard repair team needs to be tasked and dispatched and the repair recorded.

Using IOLITE Checklist, this company built inspection checklists specific to each rail yard. Personnel can use iPads to walk through the yards and confirm the condition of the various inspection targets. If a  target fails the inspection, the mobile device records the GPS coordinates of the problem, issues a repair task, and enables the inspector to record a picture of the problem with the inspection results.
The company has a defined and repeatable process for inspecting and reporting upon facilities. Reports are regularly provided to the EPA for compliance purposes and inspection issues are routed within the company CRM so that repairs are scheduled and tracked.


This company operates rail yards in major cities in the Midwest and Southern U.S. and throughout Central and Eastern Mexico.



This railway company approached IOLITE with concerns identifying potential problems in their rail yards. They conduct regular inspections for the EPA and need to quickly rectify any issues. Because of manual process and record keeping, the company was unable to easily identify problem trends or areas to be addressed.
The solution was quickly identified: IOLITE Checklist.


By implementing Checklist the company was able to drive consistency in their processes company wide. Additionally, they improved accuracy and timeliness on EPA reporting. The company was able to set up automation around internal approval processes. If inspection issues come up, Checklist can automatically route and manage the outcome systematically.